from the Steelers’ Locker Room: Maybe Silence IS Golden

The last 4 days, NFL owners and representatives from the NFL Players Association have met behind closed doors with a federal mediator in hopes of getting a labor deal done by the March 3rd deadline. Unlike before and after previous meetings, there has been very little if any comment from either side. In my journalistic opinion, this is good. Someone inside these meetings, whether it be the mediator George Cohen, who is quite well respected from what I understand, or someone else, has gotten the message across that saying too much can have a negative effect on the proceedings. Keeping in mind of course that these sessions are ‘non-binding’ which means whatever the 2 sides agree to really doesn’t mean shit until guys start signing on dotted lines. With that said, the fact that they are meeting is good and the fact they are staying quiet about it is even better. There is no need to wrangle the fans any more than necessary. We know what’s at stake and we have no stake in either camp, we just want our football to go on as normal and as soon as possible. As New York Jets Fullback Tony Richardson put it today, “Conversation….. is a good thing.” Those were essentially the only spoken words from the players today. And the lesser the dialogue outside these meetings the better.


  • Mike Tomlin said today he expects all Steelers who have had or will have surgery this off-season to be ready to go in time for training camp. Those players include Emmanuel Sanders, Hines Ward and James Harrison among others.
  • Speaking of Harrison, did it shock anyone to know that Harrison played with a herniated disc in his back this season? I realize we throw terms like ‘warrior’ out there too much especially when compared to our armed services, but Harrison truly defines the term. Didn’t say one thing about it all season. No excuses from a professional athlete, how refreshing and how welcome. Thanks James!
  • Nice article on the Steelers and their recent history with running backs.
  • Great to see Charlie Batch as one of the player reps inside the meetings going on in Washington, D.C. right now. He’s a smart guy and will bring plenty to the table. Now only if we could make him our offensive coordinator.


TEH FINAL SPEW: As an educator, I obviously support the teachers in Wisconsin, but the whole thing is just a microcosm of the problems between the far left and the far right…. Check out the 19 most well-read presidents…. Athletes are giving up Gatorade in favor of beer. Mickey and the Babe knew this for how many years?….. Is Carrie Underwood the new ‘Yoko Ono?…. Rallies are now planned in Michigan both against and in support of the Governor’s budget proposal. It’s going to be a re-occuring theme folks…. And today’s video is from ‘Caddyshack.’ Did you know Bill Murray and Chevy Chase ad-libbed this entire thing?




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